Education for all
The challenge:
India’s fabled demographic dividend needs to be underpinned by quality education. Currently despite about 95% enrollment rate in primary education, millions are unemployed or under-employed. The quality of education, especially in provincial schools, is abysmally low.

Only elite schools in India’s metropolises prepare students for individual and economic empowerment. Such schools are beyond the reach of about 80% of our population, even though many recognize the direct link between quality education and economic opportunities.

India’s demographic profile is a double-edged sword. If India fails to reap the benefits of its demographic dividend, it risks social chaos: frustrated and unemployable youth are socially marginalized and easily led to crime. The aspirations of the young can easily be dashed if they cannot meaningfully participate in a economically progressive, multi-cultural society.
The solution:
Knowledge Society seeks to address these challenges with an initiative to build a chain of networked residential English-medium CBSE-affiliated schools in provincial India. Middle-income families in India are willing to go the extra mile to ensure quality education for their children. The Society seeks to meet this need by providing high-quality education at affordable costs in schools set up in select small towns, which are easily accessible by road/rail.

By equipping the young with the means for individual empowerment and opportunity, by instilling in them the values for creating an equitable, democratic and ethnically-diverse society, Knowledge Society seeks to invest in India’s potential to be a global leader.
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